Lynn, K5LYN

I guess it was when I was a Cub Scout, back in the '50s, and I built a crystal set, that my interest in radio began. And a year or two later, as a Boy Scout, I learned the code. But the real magic came with the one tube battery powered regenerative detectors that so many of us built, that the world of short wave radio really came alive.

And for me at least, it still lives. Though I have a sold state radio or two around the place, the creativity continues, like the day I installed a Swan 240, powered by a Collins mobile power supply, into my GMC Sierra pickup. I had fun with this!

And in these times, most every Sunday, it's my pleasure to call the Vintage Sideband Net with the beautiful Cheap and Easy SSB that was recently built by KG7TR. It is mated to a Drake 1A receiver, and the exciter drives a nice Drake L4B amplifier.

Join us on Sunday afternoons with your most exotic old radio!