Building, Preserving and Operating Vintage Single Sideband Amateur Radio Equipment

In the early 1980s, Barry Wiseman, founder of Electric Radio Magazine, and others started the Vintage Sideband Net, meeting on 14.293, Sunday afternoons, 1pm central Time. Lynn, K5LYN and Andy, WB0SNF began as net controllers with Andy, WB0SNF by the late 1980s.

For over 30 years, the net has been meeting between at or within 1kc of 14.293, ham operators with vintage tube equipment have checked in Hammarlunds, Hallicrafters, Swans, Collins, Heathkits, Eicos - virtually every domestic and foreign amateur and military radio manufacturer. A number of home brew transmitters have also been heard, some of which have been published in QST, 73, CQ and Electric Radio magazines.

The Vintage Sideband Net boasts check-ins from all over the United States and Canada. Immediately following is the Heathkit Net for one hour, then the Swan Net for another 1 hour, on the same frequency.

As hundreds of hams through the years have exploited this unique net to test and enjoy their gear, all licensed hams are invited to participate.