Al, W8UT

Al, W8UT, was licensed on Aug. 27, 1956, as a Novice, when in high school. In the subsequent years Al moved many times, and held calls in several areas.

When in West Virginia, as W8LZG, the Extra class license was obtained in 1977, by taking the test in front of an FCC Examiner. One big incentive to getting the extra ticket was the recently authorized ability, only made available then to Extras, to choose your own call letters, which had to be taken from the area lived in. The FCC (or was it the ARRL?) issued a list of available calls for the purpose. W8UT was soon chosen for its short CW signature, requested, and issued.

After several more moves, Al retired to New Bern, NC, in 1998, and joined the Vintage Sideband Net soon after. Interests now, in 2015, are Boatanchors - old tube type radios that glow in the dark. Hammarlund SP-600's are a good example, and are worked on & appreciated here. Several vintage stations are always ready for operation, Hallicrafters, Drake, Johnson, etc.


(pic shows the HT-32/30L-1/SX-115 station usually heard as one of the net controls.)