Andy, WB0SNF

Hello everyone. Welcome to my shack in which I am presently putting new windows and drywalling where cecessary. That explains why I haven't shaved in two days, have drywall in my hair and hunks hanging off my clothes. But having my priorities in order I decided it was essential to get this bio into the VSSBN website now rather than when the project is done, whenever that might be.

I was first licensed in 1963, I think. I might actually find that license when this is done and I clean the room up good. Anyway, my first rig was the definition of the word CRAP. An R55 Knight receiver which would tune the whole 80 meter band in five minutes without touching the dial. Combine that with a half turn of backlash and it made for a real sweetheart. Xmtr was OK. Globe Chief with two crystals 80 and 40. However the R55 couldn't hear anything on 40 so I just ground away endlessly on 80. I ate my heart out over the great old radios of the day but couldn't afford them at the time. But about ten years later the radio bug bit again and much to my delight I found that they were about giving the stuff away at the ham flea markets and auctions. I could haul home a whole carload of these magnificent beauties for next to nothing, which I did, many times. When my wife asks, "How mamy radios can you possibly use"?, I reply ,"I don't know yet."

In about 1990, I stumbled across the vintage sideband net with Chuck Cluck, N5SW0 as the only net control. He asked if I wanted to be alternate net control which scared the pants off me as I was mainly a CW freak, but it worked and it ended up being a great experience. I met the cream of the crop of ham radio operators, the vintage guys, and heard about every ham rig ever made and a few home brew too.

About 2001 I was lured away again to play music but made it back to the radio world in about 2013. When I first tuned across the VSSBN I can't say how much it warmed my heart to hear so many of those old familiar calls again.