Vince, WB4BPS

I was borne in 48, and as a little kid was always interested in radio. When CB first came out my father got us in to that, we were 6Q0683.

In 1965 I passed the Technician test and became WB4BPS, and worked a lot of 6M AM, then when 2M FM came along I got in to that. I did repeaters, autopatches, RTTY and some packet. In 1995 I got a super deal on a very late S Line with the 30S1 amp, but could only use it on a small part of 10M, so I made my first and only new year's resolution to pass the 13WPM test, and after much struggle I did, a week later I passed the Advanced and thought that would be where I would stay.

The FCC did the unthinkable and dropped the code requirement, and as soon as that happened I got an extra, never in my whole life did I think I would have that. 1996 is when I started collecting the vintage stuff, and still do that today, although I have about run out of room to put it all.

73, Vince WB4BPS