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  2018 W9DYV Boatanchor Event
July 21-22, Jonesborough, TNJuly 21-22
06/07/2018 Event Announcements
  2017 W9DYV Jonesborough Event Pictures
The 5th annual event at the Wes Schum estate was another success, with awesome forums, workshops and a swapfest.
07/30/2017 Our Operators
  W9DYV Presentation Videos - Jonesborough, TN 2016
The forums of Bob Heil, Mike Bohn, Bob Nickels and others now on YouTube!
06/01/2017 Our Operators
  2017 W9DYV Boatanchor Event
July 22-23, 2017 Jonesborough, TN
03/19/2017 Event Announcements
0000 UTC on FEB 18 through 0000 UTC on FEB 27, 2017
12/31/2016 Web Site News
  Dayton Hamvention Moves to the Stockyards
Flyover Video on YouTube
11/19/2016 Event Announcements
  Bob, W9RAN, Scores a C.E. 600L Amplifier
The innovative broadband linear amp runs an 813, Class AB1.
08/07/2016 Our Operators
  Lynn, K5LYN, Displays SX-115/CE-20A Transceive Lashup
Lynn creatively adapts the SX-115 VFO to the CE-20A with a homebrew buffer/follower.
07/24/2016 Our Operators
  Bob Heil (K9EID) at 2016 Central Electronics Event, Jonesborough TN
Topic? Of course - Better Sounding Audio!
07/24/2016 Our Operators
  Rare Hallicrafters FPM-200 On Display at Central Electronics Event, 2016
Bob (W9RAN) displayed working FPM-200, presentation
07/24/2016 Our Operators
  Cosmophones on Display at Central Electronics event, Jonesborough, TN
Cosmophone King, WA5UEK (Brian Harris),
07/24/2016 Our Operators
  KG7TR Homebrew Octal Tribander Transceiver on Display
Central Electronics Event, July 2016, Jonesborough TN
07/24/2016 Our Operators
  Amateur radio operator teaches campers in Winthrop about life before cellphones
Ham radio operator Jack Schrader explained the technology behind and the uses of ham radios to more than 30 campers at the YMCA Camp of Maine.
07/08/2016 Our Operators
  VOA Transmitter Rescue
Collins Radio Model 821A-1 VOA Transmitter Rescue
04/10/2016 Event Announcements
Database-driven content with galleries, calendar and more is coming!
01/31/2016 Our Operators
  Electric Radio Magazine Index Now Available
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01/31/2016 20M Net News