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Building, Preserving and Operating
Vintage Single Sideband Amateur Radio Equipment

Vintage Sideband Net participants recognize the importance of preserving the names and accomplishments of the many pioneers of Amateur Radio manufacturing. We keep the flame burning by offering information regarding communications equipment produced by those great organizations. We maintain classic transmitting and receiving devices of the which continue to delight their operators many years past their manufacture - as well as the art of home-brewing.


 2018 W9DYV Boatanchor Event

July 21-22, Jonesborough, TNJuly 21-22


 2017 W9DYV Jonesborough Event Pictures

The 5th annual event at the Wes Schum estate was another success, with awesome forums, workshops and a swapfest.


 W9DYV Presentation Videos - Jonesborough, TN 2016

The forums of Bob Heil, Mike Bohn, Bob Nickels and others now on YouTube!


 Vintage Ham Radio Community (Google)

A community for sharing all things related to vintage ham radio. Please join and share!


 Homebrew SSB Radios (KG7TR)

All about homebrew vacuum tube Single Sideband (SSB) radios built by (our own) KG7TR. In the amateur radio hobby, "homebrew" means equipment that was built from scratch, either from your own designs or someone else's plans. 


 Kenwood Hybrids (WB4HFN)

Dedicated to the vintage Hybrid radio equipment from Kenwood.    Featuring the Hybrid series radio equipment from the 1960's, 70's and 1980's era.


 2016 Central Electronics Swapmeet

Flyers & Advertisements

 2016 Central Electronics Meet

This year's 2016 event is currently scheduled to be July 23, 2016 at the same location. "State of the Art Vintage Sideband" examples will be featured for display and operation, safe from the weather in the big tent. Bring your projects and all your stuff for the swap meet facilities - both under the tent and tailgating with many acres available.

A mailing list for interested attendees and more information will be made available on soon. Plan now to attend! Click here to view the flyer (.PDF format).

 2015 Central Electronics Field Day

2015 Central Electronics Field Day event in Jonesborough, TN on June 28-29. Click here to see videos and pictures of Central Electronics founder with Wes Schum, W9DYV (now SK).

 ManualMan Manuals for Vintage Electronics

Pete Markavage has made available some of the best reproduction manuals available anywhere.