0000 UTC on FEB 18 through 0000 UTC on FEB 27, 2017

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Two full weekends!  ADs for the 2017 NRR will be appearing in JAN and FEB 2017 CQ Magazine, QST, National Contest Journal, Electric Radio, AWA Journal, QCWA Journal, WA7BNM Contest Pages etc. etc. Thank you to those whose donations made these ads possible!

NRR is an opportunity to brush up your code skills with other stations, many of whom will be patient! Exchange some information for fun, swap SKCC numbers (not required) and compete for the honors! More of an EVENT than just a typical contest, but still great fun.

We are once again taking our OLD ham radios off the shelf and putting them to use again!
Bring out your straight keys and bugs. Do you have 1950s - 1980s era amateur radio equipment? Maybe you never lived through the novice era but you would like to know how it felt... how it sounded to communicate through the chirpy chrip-it, chirpy chirp, crackle, spurt, splutter and occasional drift of the earlier tube-era radios.

Perhaps you would just like to HEAR some of those older rigs in action. Why wait until the next NRR? Makes some contacts TODAY! Join our Facebook Group or Yahoo Group and find other operators to make schedules. See below.

RELIVE THE GLORIOUS NOVICE ERA! You may use ANY radio equipment you like, but the scoring will be higher for using real novice-era radios! Of course this will include manual straight keys, bugs, side swipers and other manual keying devices. Simple equipment, but stupendous fun!